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Happy birthday, Peter!

I spent the weekend in San Francisco to celebrate Peter's birthday. Fun, fun, fun, and we didn't even have a T-bird.

Well, he seems to be fighting a bug again, so I'm glad we got the celebrating done early (hope it didn't lead to him getting sick)! Of course I missed Kit's fic deadline, but he's being nice and waiting for me (since most of the list couldn't care less). I've actually made some progress on the fic (Simon/Ryan, natch).

I'm starting to think I've got ADD, the way I jump all over the place.

Did I vote this morning? Did I vote for Aaaanahhld? What do you think? (Hint: Yes, I voted.)

PJ's b-day is coming up fast, too. 12 is a great age, guy! And what fun to have a b-day on Halloween.

I saw the most haunting movie last night, "Lost and Delirious." These two young women attending a girl's school together were in love, and of course the consequences were trying and tragic. Piper Parabo was amazing, and it must have been the debut of the actress from my favorite soap, (OC) Mischa Barton. That movie will stay with me for a while.

Gotta get back at it. Sell, sell, sell.

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