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Good News!

No, I didn't get a new quote for my car insurance, I got last week's episode of The Bachelor. I had missed it, and I found it on the Family Channel (or whatever that ABC/Disney spinoff thing is). I couldn't believe some of his choices, but at least I saw the rose ceremony. Since the prior week had been something of a two-parter (with no ceremony), I had been pretty bummed to miss it.

My latest obsession is Newlyweds on MTV. Tomorrow is the last episode of the 'season,' so I'm a little solemn. What makes the innocuous life of these two gilded, innocuous people so damned fascinating? I find it hilarious, for one thing. And I remind myself that her dad is a producer on the show and somehow they believe this dumb image will have a positive effect on her overall career (which music-wise, is not that hot).

Just in case somebody thought I had actually gotten a life and left TV behind, forget it! (The really amazing thing is how I can manage to cram so much dissipation into my TV-watching schedule!)

Anway, I'll be glad when the OC is back and the (yawn) World Series is over. Baseball. Please. (Why can't they have better uniforms, somebody explain to me!)

I'm taking Friday off next week and heading to San Fran for PJ's b-day. I'll spend Halloween weekend with them. This is a big deal, since Halloween is a major holiday for my set. I'm looking forward to it, though, and I can still dress up (because PJ's b-day gathering is a costume party). And how often can you hang out with a lot of twelve-year-old kids?

I'm working on my costume now. Well, in my mind, anyway.

Back to work!
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