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"Why don't he write?"

Just like the line from 'Dances With Wolves' (when they find the skull of some pioneer left on the prairie), someone, somewhere is saying, "Why don't he write?"

Why indeed?

Don't know if I just haven't caught on to the whole blogging thing or if even I was getting sick of seeing my life through reality TV shows and Lifetime movies. Seems like there was never much substance to anything I had to say.

And yet . . .

And yet, if it hadn't been for LJ, I never would have met a lot of different people on line (including Peter and PJ).

Work has been a muthah. There have been a few days where the whole staff ended up sniping at each other, just from the stress of client retention and looming deadlines.

Things have definitely settled down now, and I feel like I can lift my head up without getting it lopped off.

I was doing so well on my diet/exercise regime, but naturally I've totally relaxed since Halloween. If I don't get back to it, I'll be a typical American slob by New Year's.

Can I just mention that Dennis Quaid in 'The Big Easy' is one of the sweetest pieces of candy I've ever salivated over? I can't decide if it's the abs, the eyes or the mouth. But I thought I'd make a point of it since some cable channel reminded me last night.

And will I end up regretting that I didn't watch 'Joe Average' from the beginning? Yeah, I'm kinda watching now. But I'm not paying all that much attention.

So, will Massachusetts really allow gay marriage? I bet they find a way out of it (cynical little me).

Well, lunchtime, and I'm running down the street and picking up Britney's new cd. I love the dance flavor of the stuff I've heard so far.

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