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I'm hosted!

I haven't mentioned how cool it is to have my fic (as sparse a collection as it is) at Kevin's kevinr website, www.boybandfic.com. Wow. I really feel honored to be up there with authors like Nik nk_seashore and Joey fatjoeyfic!

I'm in San Francisco as I write this, using PJ's computer (he got sick of playing, I guess). PJ's new game is Civ III Conquests.

The weather is coolish (high 50s, which is cool for me), but okay.

Peter had to work a half day today, so I'm hanging with the kid. The "half day" should be over by now, but no sign of him so far.

Oh, I'm also sharing a 'column' at the website with Kit Alexander (another hosted author). Not sure why I was chosen for this, but I'm looking forward to it. Kit posted a column yesterday, so it's my turn next!

The Idol Christmas special was dismal, in my opinion. What was wrong with Tamyra's voice? What was wrong with Kim's voice? Clay sounded good, but I didn't like the choice of songs. Overall, it sucked. (And why don't they give up on those American Juniors?)

Trista and Ryan start the road to wedded bliss tonight, but I doubt I'll get Peter to watch it. Oh, well. I'll see the actual wedding.

I should have finished my witch doctor fic today, like I planned. But I just didn't get around to it. I picked up a book of PJ's and just got caught up in it. It's amazing how much the kid reads -- it's humbling!

Hey, I think I hear Peter home! Hurray. Gotta go get a kiss.
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