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Peter? Uh, no.

That is, it wasn't Peter getting home in my earlier post. It was Milo & Missy arriving! So I did get a kiss (from Missy, the little doll), but it wasn't exactly what I expected.

Yeah, Peter got home by 3:30. By then we had all eaten a burger, but that didn't mean we weren't ready for dinner again three hours later. Missy and PJ hit it off like I knew they would, and Missy immediately started to charm the pants off Peter. (And Milo had some great game-playing advice for PJ.)

Peter's got a big dinner planned for tomorrow. I think we'll have around a dozen people, and I'll meet some of his friends I've never met. Yeah, the thing is catered, but we'll have turkey (along with seafood). I'm going semi-casual -- jeans, t-shirt and nice jacket (with cowboy boots).

I'll call my mom in the morning and check in with her, and probably call Dad later in the day. It's not a big deal with either one of them, since we rarely do a holiday 'thing.' Dad's usually traveling, and Mom volunteers. (In case I've never mentioned, they aren't married to each other and haven't been for some time.)

Missy's fretting about her daddies being without the kids for the holiday, but she generally frets a bit about things. She'll be cool by the time the parades start, and she can talk to them on the cell phone. (She's excited to see Clay and Ruben in the Macy's Parade, cuz she "loves" Clay.)

We're gonna play some kind of 'family' game tonight -- not sure what, but it has to be good for all ages. (Have I ever mentioned that Peter is one of the most patient men I've ever met? He's really lovely.)

Peter and I are running to the store before we start the official game-playing, so I gotta go. (I'm really into this domesticity.)

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