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"Average" Joe?

Okay, I've been enjoying Average Joe, for whatever reason. I just had no idea that to be "average" meant to be so insecure and so damn snarky. I've ended up completely disappointed in all the original guys, and now I hope the chick picks the inane cute dude instead. She likes him for one reason only. He's cute (with zero personality). And right now it seems the best reason to pick him.

Is a completely null personality better than an obnoxious one? I'm thinking yes, at this point.

I guess I'm cuter than an "average Joe." I've never really thought that much about it until watching this stupid show. Now I think it's a fine line. Maybe it's only in your own mind, as opposed to in the mind of somebody else.

Yeah, I'm short. But I've never really cared that much about it. I never believed being a short guy contributed to my sexuality, although I've certainly read it a few places. Maybe there were a couple times in school that I wished I were taller when it was time to compete in a sport or something. But to tell the truth, it must not have left a lasting impression (or maybe I just chose sports where it didn't really matter that much).

I hope if I were ever on a reality dating show, I'd hate my competition more for their personalities than their looks. I used to believe that when the chicks were doing the picking (like on The Bachelorette), the competitors themselves were less bitchy (because obviously they were guys). Even in the case of Boy Meets Boy this seemed to be true.

But these average Joes are just as bitchy as the girls. And their own insecurities make them harder to bear. When the sniping at the "fat chick" started tonight, it reminded me that it's one thing to feel bad about yourself, it's another to build yourself up by tearing somebody else down.

The fat suit trick was very tricky, overall. I mean, if this had been tried on other shows, I wonder how many people it would have taken out. Funny to see somebody as superficial as this Melora or Medora (or whatever her name is--I can never remember) all worried about how people accept her when she's fat. That's a different reality, altogether. Maybe it'll end up being the most important thing she learns from the whole experience, aside from the fact that she's just as superficial as all the guys who've been after her all her life.

So I'm talking to myself about this, here in this journal. I doubt I'll actually have another human being in my life who watched it or gives a damn. I think the ratings themselves have been far below "average," so we probably won't see another incarnation of this particular show. (And we'd never see a roll reversal, regardless, because there's no way the American public would put up with a show where all the girls were less than hot.)

So, once again Ry tries to learn an important lesson about life from reality TV... (If you find that pathetic, you're forgiven.)

This is giving me a great idea for my column at Kevin's website. I need to start writing that.

I miss Peter and PJ tonight. I called Peter at the end of the show, but he hadn't watched, so he couldn't comment on the fat suit stuff. (That Peter! Seems to think the fact that it's World AIDS Day should be more important than the latest episode of a reality dating show. Go figure.)

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