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Sunday Self-Satisfaction

Wow, so much going on in the world (Saddam Hussein captured--unbelievable!), it's hard to focus on my own life.

Still, what else am I going to focus on?

I've actually accomplished a couple things in the past few days, and although they may seem small in light of world events, I can't help being pleased.

I finished my first column for Kevin's website, for one. (Here's the link for anybody interested: http://boybandfic.org/column.html) I concentrated on what I feel is the similarity between reality TV and real people fanfic, and it was a lot of fun to write.

Then I got an inspiration about a fic from a crazy conversation Peter and I had a week or so ago. And I wrote it! It's the most graphic, blatantly sexual thing I've written since I got into fanfic--but it also was a hell of a lot of fun to write. And this morning I was completely surprised with an email from Nik nk_seashore that he'd made a banner for the thing and sent it to Kevin--and it's now up at the website!

The banner is as outrageous as the fic--maybe moreso, in a way. It's one thing to write about something, another to see the picture. For those of you interested in meeting "Blackie," a 13-inch double ended dildo, go to http://www.boybandfic.org/12Inches.html. Ohmygod, I just did it to get the link, and I can't believe it still!

I really should have given Nik part of the dedication in the first place, because the photo he posted of the Backstreet Boys at the Billboard Music Awards a few days ago was a big part of the inspiration for the fic. I certainly have never considered myself a Nick Carter fan (who figures prominently in the fic), but I couldn't get it out of my mind. And now this banner! (I hope Kevin won't kill me if I update the dedication.)

Anyway, the fic is called "12 Inches." I haven't heard from Peter since I posted the thing, so I can't wait to hear what he says about it. (Hope he keeps PJ away from it.) Nik said it was one of the most outrageous fanfics he'd seen in a while--and he was so obsessed, he had to finish the banner before heading to church services with his family. (So ask me how a guy can even go to church after making a banner like that one?????)

I got a completely wacky private feedback late last night from one list where I posted it that basically said it was a "good start" (it's a one-of-one, btw) and they didn't really understand it. Okay --

Speaking of the site, Kevin seems obsessed with keeping things current and adding new features. That place is amazing. It should be a great inspiration to the authors to be hosted at such a fun website--I know it is to me.

On other life issues, I'm actually sending my resume out to a couple San Francisco firms after the first of the year. We'll see what happens. In the meantime, the Christmas plans are the same as Thanksgiving--I'm celebrating with my 'new family' in SF. I'll take off Wednesday morning and spend the weekend.

Gotta run--got shopping to do, laundry to do and several emails to catch up on. But I'm feelin' good today--not 12 inches worth, but good!

Ry (who isn't really a sick puppy at all, for those who are now wondering)
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