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Fantastic new icon!

I'm using any excuse to post, so I can use the fabulous new icon Czar Nikky made me nk_seashore. Wow. I feel honored and touched!

(And, yes, Mistress Marilyn, I happened to catch the Carson roast where Madonna made the hilarious comment about "her" --Ryan Seacrest-- and Carson. I nearly fell off my chair.)

Tonight's the big night! (The start of For Love or Money 2.) I was sure the babe with the fur boots would get her own show, but I'd rather watch Erin. Still, she's bound to lose the $2 million. Hope they're paying her something, so it will be worth giving up the $1 mill.

My favorite bar is doing a FLOM2 night, but I don't think I'm going to make it there. I'd have to change my shirt and get my butt in gear right now, and instead I'm sitting here.

I think I'll email Peter instead, or call him and insist he watch FLOM. He'd love that! (The last I heard, early today, he was fighting his son's cold bug. Hope he gets well soon, poor baby!)

Hey, Peter, try boiling some grapefruit (skins and all), and then mixing the juice with honey and whiskey. It's some kind of tonic, designed to help you break out in a sweat when you drink it.

Wait a minute--I can think of a better way to get you in a sweat! And it doesn't leave a nasty taste in your mouth.

Enjoy the icon! (Thanks, Nik!)
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