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What? It's been a whole week!

Boy, I’ve really been out of it this week. I’m eating too much, I haven’t worked out, and I haven’t been sleeping much. Last night I slept a lot, but dreamed and dreamed and dreamed. In one dream I had a cancerous tumor in my chest that was inoperable, and I was getting so I could barely breathe. It was so damn real, it freaked me! Then this morning I was trying to email a friend and warn her about something, but I couldn’t get the email to work.

No, this is not about Peter’s visit. Really. It’s just a mid-summer lull, I think.

And I’m watching waaay too much reality TV. I’m even into those kids picking out a wife for their dad, not to mention Paradise Hotel and FLOM2.

I just hate American Juniors. Why keep the worst kids around to perform over and over? It’s painful. I like Ryan’s hair, though. And he was a bit nipply the other night in that blue t-shirt.

I want to write some fic. I have so much stuff whirling around in my sleep-deprived head. But at the current time, I’ve never been stupider (not a word, you say?). Something is really screwing with my short-term memory, because I can't hold a thought from one room to another. Thank God I still have some creative juices here at work!

Speaking of work, back to it ...
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