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Tuesday. In three days it'll be Friday! (Time flies when you're preparing to have fun? Not usually it doesn't!)

I'm starting to think Erin (of FLOM2) is an idiot. She definitely can't carry her own show. And she needs to work out or something. She's a stick, but she has no muscle tone.

Now I'm rooting for her to choose a guy who chooses the money. She'll get nothing, and the guy will get the $$. (Of course, it's only $40,000 a year for 25 years or something, but it's still money!) (What's the thing with Rob being back? Puhleeze.)

Who Wants to Marry My Dad is far more entertaining! I'm loving that show. I especially like the sons and their wacky way of looking at things! (And having Penn & Teller make the one woman disapper was priceless!)

So, tonight it's American Juniors. Wednesdays are far less entertaining now that we're done choosing America's Top Model. I'll probably tape AJ and go out. Or just skip it altogether if I don't make it home.

I'm tanning and working out about 6:30. Then I'll go grab a glass of wine or something. (I'll never make it home in time to tape AJ anyway!)

Hey, I'm overdue on obsessing about clothes for my trip.

I'm mostly going casual, jeans and one nice pair of slacks. One nice jacket (maybe medium blue or black) and a leather jacket (probably tan or brown). Boots, tennies and a pair of dress shoes. Then ts (yellow, blue, black and white) and two white shirts. And a swimsuit. No tie.

And my most fun undershorts--I've got too many to choose from!

Now, bear in mind, I can change this any time, because the middle of this "trip" is back at my place--so I just need enough for the first few days, then a couple days' worth for PS.

Time to head to dentist and get my pearly whites their whitest.

My boss is in a hilarious mood today. The man is really funny, in a quiet sort of way. I appreciate that in another human being. Thank God most of the people I work with are fun and creative!

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