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Wednesday already?

I totally forgot about Boy Meets Boy last night! Luckily I happened to be at one of my favorite hangouts by 8:00 p.m. and they were playing it, so I got to see most of it. I called Peter and told him to turn on Bravo, and he watched it.

Peter and I both were a little put off by the ‘twist’ of having some of the guys be straight. Seems like a mean trick, really, but probably no worse than giving the winner an option of choosing money. And in some ways it could "break down some barriers" (as I’ve heard described), because the straight guys are supposedly learning something about the gay guys. The straight guy who was eliminated last night had some good things to say about it, but that may have been a bit contrived.

(Interesting that the friend (the "fag hag" who hates to be called that) could feel something "different" about the straight guy who got eliminated.)

I hate this whole gay/straight labeling thing (with the name and status supered on the screen). Can’t help but wonder--what about the ‘in-between’ guys (the dreaded bi guys, like myself, who don’t really fit any particular label)... Oh, well. No point in getting into that can-o-worms!

Just got back from a business lunch with some TV production guys. Interesting stuff. Now I feel bloated (at least I ate meat and lettuce!).

Better see if I can get this to post and get to work. I’ve had some trouble getting into my LJ today.

Only two days to go! (My god!)

Is this a disjointed entry, or is that just me?
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