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Back home--

Just finished my laundry and thought I'd catch up a little on line.

What a week it's been! I can't believe it's over. I'm in some kind of culture shock right now.

I've had so much sun, so much food, so much wine and so much love, I can't think straight. This is going to be a very long, tough night sleeping alone again.

I think one of the best feelings on earth is that comfort you feel when you just click with someone physically and emotionally. I think I'm going to be sniffing for Peter's smell for the next few nights (as weird as that sounds). The smell of his skin or hair or whatever it is just makes me feel so warm inside.

Anyway, I guess this is to let my friends know that despite the frenetic pace of our nine-and-a-half days together, we managed to find some calm in the storm and really get to know each other. And I think PJ kinda liked me, despite himself. I liked him.

I've managed to only email Peter a couple times (about our new Simon Cowell fanfic list at Yahoo Groups, mostly). I think I'm showing a lot of self-control.

Better get some beauty sleep. It's back to the salt mines (what are salt mines, by the way?) tomorrow!
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