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Just drivel--

Okay, will the dude from Who Wants to Marry My Dad really marry the woman the kids chose? I don't know and maybe don't care that much. They of course picked the one I liked less, but I expected that. I really had a love/hate thing going for those kids, anyway. And there's something weird about their whole relationship with their dad.

Boy Meets Boy is heating up. One straight guy left. I couldn't believe Dan was straight! And the guy pretending to be bisexual (which pissed everybody off, natch) was also straight!

Yeah, the kid playing Ryan (nice name) on OC is very hot. He has a definite Colin Farrell/Russell Crowe thing about him. He's bound to be a huge star (like Leo DiCaprio being discovered on Full House or whatever sitcom it was).

I'm really not caring anymore about FLOM2. Not that I ever really *cared*.

Colin Farrell is compelling in 'Hart's War.' I saw it on cable the other night.

On the *Not Drivel* side of things, I miss Peter a lot. And PJ. And I really appreciate all the nice thoughts and comments I've gotten from my friends about it. LJ can be such a warm place sometimes.

Wow, I can hardly keep my eyes open today. You'd think now that I'm back to protein and working out, I wouldn't feel like a zombie. I guess drinking wine, eating mass amounts of food and lying around in somebody's arms are much healthier pursuits! (which really shouldn't surprise me at all!)
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