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Remember me?

Who, me?

Yeah, I know it’s been ages since I’ve written in here. I go and hook up via this journal, and then I abandon it! What kind of person does that? So now my journal seems like nothing more than another of the many dating tools that Ry keeps in his arsenal. And it was never meant to be!

Peter and I are still enjoying each other, talking a lot. We last got together over Labor Day weekend, and we’re talking about next weekend (October 4) now. We’ll see.

I’ve been working my tail off (I wish it showed). My team is launching a big campaign, and it’s been evenings and weekends. I’ve been so tired, I fell asleep during the first night of Survivor Pearl Islands!

Anyway, yes, I’m still alive. Thanks to those of you who have checked. I don’t really have an excuse for dropping the journal ball, so to speak, but I guess it was the only thing I couldn’t juggle.

(What's with the new design? I thought I was in the wrong place!)

Anyway, I’ll try harder! I always do.
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